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How to Elevate Your Brand With a Strong Subscription Strategy | Arctic Leaf

By: Arctic Leaf Team | Aug 3, 2022 | 3 Minute Read

What better way to kick off summer than with a brand new topic of discussion in our series - OnTap with Arctic Leaf!

With every OnTap discussion, we invite e-commerce merchants and industry leaders to have open, fun, and honest conversations. This series promises to deliver expert tips, tricks, and strategies around the most relevant industry topics from a panel of e-commerce heavyweights!

During our fourth discussion, attendees heard from one of our key host Josh Garellek, Co-Founder & CEO of Arctic Leaf, one of our partners, Jess Roma, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager from Recharge, and a LIVE merchant, Brianna Kaylynn, Founder & CEO of The Warrior Project.

Those who joined us heard from a live merchant about their subscription experience, discovered the power of subscriptions for both merchants and consumers, and how a successful subscription strategy contributes to their bottom line. Our unique panel of experts discussed:

  • Key subscription customization tips.
  • Why subscriptions are important to your brand.
  • The benefits to your organization.
  • And more....

If you would like to watch the full discussion for yourself, gain important insights, and hear the interesting discoveries from the live attendee Q&A, simply hit the play button below!


Here are the top 3 questions that were asked by attendees and the answers from our experts!


Question: What flexibility options are available to customers with subscriptions to be able to include other items with their shipment?


Giving the customer the ability to manage their subscription and offering that flexibility is certainly important. In terms of tactics, you will want to think long-term and consider offering free gifts or incentive to stick around. This can be in the form of providing early access to products that haven't been released yet, or sending them a free gift after being a customer for 6 months.


Question: What are some of the most effective ways to grow our email subscription list?

Answer: First and foremost, you have to put yourself out there and give people the ability to subscribe to your emails. Generally this can be done via your email footer, where someone can click to subscribe and you can capture their email. Second, there's pop-ups! Whether that's via email, SMS capture, double opt-in, or welcome-series, it's an added bonus if you give your customer some incentive to subscribe. Think, "Hey, get 10% off your next order when you subscribe to our newsletter!" Lastly, being an influencer and true advocate for your brand and products. At the end of the day, the only way you're going to increases subscribers is by bringing people to your store. Beyond the typical marketing tactics, don't be afraid to use your network and influence to really grow your community and subscriber base.


Question: What tactics do you use to trade up your one-off consumers into subscribers? How do you leverage marketing/advertising tactics to do this?

Answer: Email Marketing is a powerful tool. Once you get that first purchase, you have a way to get in touch with that customer. This allows you to start nurturing that relationship and communicate with them in a way that really builds that loyalty. Don't try to go for the big win right out of the gate. Take the time to show your brand personality and show you care by asking how their experience was, see if they liked the product, ask if they have any recommendations, or suggestions on how you can best support your customers overall. Long-term, this tactic will really help build both a customer and a subscriber base.


To learn a little bit more about our speakers, keep reading!


Josh Garellek's love for technology and entrepreneurship fused into starting an independent gaming studio, which then thrived into becoming a full-service agency. Arctic Leaf is now stacked with a 40+ skillful team in shared offices across North America. Josh drives his passions through tech, marketing, and sales. He enjoys meeting new people and making new connections. If you have any questions for Josh, feel free to reach out to him directly here


Jess Roma HeadshotJess Roma joined Recharge in December 2020 as a Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager and is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with key Shopify & BigCommerce agencies located on the east coast. Prior to joining Recharge, Jess started her e-commerce journey in the global logistics space, where she helped grow their partner program with leading system integrators and business organizations.



Brianna Kaylynn HeadshotBrianna Kaylynn is a 23 year old entrepreneur and social media content creator with 900,000 total social media subscribers. In the year and hold of running The Warrior Project, the Shopify store's traffic is in the top 1% among store's created that same week. Trained as a fitness professional, she started her first business at the age of 20 with the mission of creating a new way of approaching fitness, and has now helped over fifteen thousand women on their journey's to health.



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