Accessible Web Design With Conversion in Mind

Accessible Web Design

Our Accessibility Services

  • Full Site Redesign: Bespoke design and implementation to meet WCAG 2.1 AA or AAA standard
  • Stand Alone Project: Review, design changes, and dev implementation

The Benefits

  • We don't compromise on design and branding when creating accessible sites
  • With 3 years of accessibility experience, we’ve developed a unique process trusted by 30+ clients
  • You have ownership and can make changes on your own schedule
  • Higher accessibility expands your brand reach to include every type of customer
First Things First

What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital Accessibility enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the web.


Descriptive Text

descriptive-text-computer example

Clear titles and subheadings. Adequate spacing between letters, words, lines, and paragraphs.


Readable Contrast


Utilize proper colors to the text, control elements and background to provide enough readable contrast.


Keyboard Navigating


Clear, simple forms, labeled input fields, support keyboard only access and keyboard navigating.


Video Audio Accessibility


No automatic video and audio. Closed captioning on videos. Transcripts for videos. Media timeline control tools.


Zoomable High-Quality Content


Provide high-quality images with explicit information. Zoomable text and zoomable images.


Descriptive, Accurate Alt Text


Support descriptive, accurate alt text for images. Provide distinct links. Support nested headings.

Design to drive sales

How it’s Measured

The Web Consortium maintains a list of practical guidelines that will make a website accessible when followed correctly.

The most recent version of guidelines is called WCAG 2.1, and it has 3 levels:

A, AA, and AAA.


Single A is the minimum level of requirement. This is what all websites, apps, and electronic content should adhere to.

All of our website builds are level A, unless a client specifically requests otherwise.


Double A is viewed as the acceptable level of accessibility for many online services, which should work with most assistive technology.



Triple A compliance is viewed as the gold standard level of accessibility. This is the highest level your website can reach.


Compliance Audit Offerings & How Arctic Leaf Can Help

  • ADA Compliance Audit Site Scans for AA & AAA Compliance
  • ADA Compliance Audit Full Manual Reviews for AA & AAA Compliance.

UI Design

  • Content & Display
  • Color & Contrast
  • Stop Animations
  • Focus & Emphasis
  • Mobile Functionality

Keyboard Navigation

  • Drop Downs
  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Menus
  • Skip Links
  • Pop Ups

Screen Reader

  • Alt Tags
  • Icons & Buttons
  • State Controls
  • Forms & Validation
  • Roles & Landmarks
Accessibility Audit

Accessibility Recommendations



Gray text on white background does not meet color contrast ratio requirements.



Change text color to #1E1E1E

In the case of the search bar, we would animate the search label moving to the left to make room for the search input.

For the contact form (or any other input field), we have two suggestions:

  • Mimic the same animation as the search field, however, the label would move above the field.
  • We simply add static labels above each field, and increase the vertical padding to ensure the labels/fields are easy to identify.
Accessibility Audit

Accessing the Risks

ADA: Title III

  • Websites can be considered places of public accommodation and may not discriminate against people with disabilities by failing to provide auxiliary aids where necessary.

Section 504

  • Any federally funded programs (including organizations and universities) may not exclude people with disabilities from any program or activity.

Section 508

  • Many US State and organization laws require compliance with WCAG 2.0 web accessibility guidelines.

Looking to Make Your Site Accessible Without Changing the Design?




Arctic Leaf has partnered with accessiBe whose applications provide a full suite of accessibility options that achieve full compliance and meet the needs of ecommerce business owners and their customers.

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