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The #1 Fully Automated Web Accessibility Solution

Since 2015, accessiBe has become a game-changer in web accessibility, making the entire process to full compliance 100% automatic and immediate through the use of machine-learning and computer vision technologies.

As an ecommerce UX strategy and design agency, Arctic Leaf understands that ADA and WCAG compliance help make your website accessible to people with disabilities so they can view, navigate, consume, and interact with your website. This compliance opens up your website to millions of new users and ensures your brand is being socially responsible.

  • Guarantee fully ADA and WCAG compliant websites
  • Protected from potential legal issues
  • Providing their customers with equal access to their products and service offerings

Why ADA Compliance Matters to Ecommerce


Meeting ADA Standards

The Department of Justice officially affirmed that websites are considered places of public accommodations and must comply with Title III of the ADA. Any website that is offering information, products, or services can be held accountable if they do not make their websites accessible under the WCAG standards.


Legislative Requirements

Many brands end up receiving demand letters or lawsuits that cost them thousands of dollars to resolve, at the minimum. They are then required to spend tens of thousand of dollars to make their website accessible, even for small sites!


Reducing Risk


Until today, it has been unaffordable and difficult to implement for almost all small business owners with a website. This cost leads most companies to take the risk of litigation instead, causing the majority of ecommerce websites inaccessible. This is where accessiBe and Arctic Leaf come in.


Upgrading From Widgets

If more ecommerce clients made their websites accessible, this opens their brand up to an additional 20% of the population. That is 61 million Americans alone, with an annual spending power of $490 billion dollars per year and growing.

Do we have your attention now?

Let's Start Here

Scan My Site's Accessibility

Performing a website audit is a great place to start when trying to make your site accessible. It allows you to choose the right accessibility profile for your business, and guide you on the most important steps you should take next.

What Makes accessiBe Different?

Basic Beginner to Compliant

Easy and Affordable

Simply put, accessiBe makes website accessibility easy and affordable. The accessiBe team provides the javascript code upon account/domain sign up.

From there, the customer just copies and pastes the code into their website! This easy process will help take your brand from basic beginner to compliant.

Ensuring Compliance at all Times

24/7 Maintenance

accessiBe offers 24/7 maintenance after installation ensuring compliance at all times versus manual builds and retainer cost.

You also don't have to compromise your website design in favor of accessibility, so you get the best of both worlds from their offerings.

Trusted Experience

Unmatched Effectiveness

accessiBe currently protects over 100,000 clients ranging from mom-and-pop brands to Fortune 1,000 companies. There hasn’t been a single accessiBe client that has received a lawsuit under their watch!

With over 3,000 cases that have fallen at their doorstep with letters served, they have either significantly reduced the settlement fees, or enabled their client to remove them completely.

Expand Your Audience

Reach More Customers

By choosing accessiBe, you not only make your website accessible to 20% more of the population and virtually eliminate any legal risks, but more people will be attracted to your company character, products, and services.

Wouldn’t you want to contribute to a company that cares about every customer equally?


How accessiBe and Arctic Leaf Connect the Dots


Seamless Synergy

The accessiBe and Arctic Leaf partnership allows both teams to combine their expertise and fully understand where Arctic Leaf clients stand within the levels of website accessibility.


Automated Solution

Once the website evaluation has been made, accessiBe can implement their automated solution to ensure they're up to the WCAG and ADA standards.


360 Support

Both Arctic Leaf and accessiBe teams will be there for your company during the initial setup phase, and throughout the duration of your contract.

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