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How UX Design Creates Great E-Commerce Experiences | OnTap Lite

By: Catie Moyer, Marketing Associate | May 24, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

How do you build an e-commerce website? What components are important to its basic infrastructure? And how do you ensure great user experiences from the very beginning? 

For answers to these foundational e-commerce questions, we turn to Senior UX Designer at Arctic Leaf, Martin Madeanu, in this episode of  OnTap Lite with Arctic Leaf.

OnTap Lite is the pint-sized discussion series where Arctic Leaf's in-house experts join the discussion on trending industry topics and tried and true methodology to bring new insights to your brand and offer a behind-the-scenes look at working with an e-commerce agency.

In this discussion, Martin is joined by Arctic Leaf's Creative Director, Natalie Pucacco, to show us how UX Design plays a role in e-commerce experiences before a single wireframe is built. 

Design for user experience is no much more than the end product. From defining what categories to break your products into to choosing the right works to reach your target customers, there are myriad factors that lay the foundation of how a user interacts with a website. 

Our experts from the design team share their process for researching, planning, and problem-solving to give clients the confidence to refresh their design and improve their site structure. During the discussion, they tap into:

  • The ins and outs of site taxonomy. 
  • How information architecture plays a role in UX. 
  • Taxonomy structures in different e-commerce industries.
  • How DTC and B2B differ in structure and style. 

Ready to watch the full discussion? Click below! 


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To learn a little bit more about our speakers, keep reading!


Natalie loves working in contradictions: dramatic re-brands with a feel of authenticity, data-driven design with crave-inducing collaboration from clients and other creatives, turning mundane shopping into magical experiences while maintaining simplicity. Natalie spent the last 13 years as a creative in different guises (graphics, web, print, animation, UX, etc.), and cultivated a balanced blend of intuition and skill for the best results imaginable. E-commerce is her medium of choice as a real-time medium to iterate new ideas, test them, and grow with every project. Natalie has been with Arctic Leaf for the last 5 years and has never had a boring moment.


martin.madeanu-squareMartin is a Senior UX Designer with over 14 years of experience in the e-commerce and design industry. He has helped create and lead successful projects across the fintech, retail, and strategic political communications fields, guiding cross-functional teams to create intuitive and engaging user experiences. Martin holds an Associate's Degree in both User Experience Design, and Information and Communications Technology. He specializes in user research, wireframing, and interaction design. Known for his calm, innovative, and detail-oriented approach, Martin is passionate about mentoring designers and contributing to the UX community.

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As always, feel free to reach out to marketing@arcticleaf.io if you have any questions about e-commerce, content marketing, or anything else we covered in any discussion. Cheers, and we hope to see you soon!