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Communication: A UX Designer's Superpower | OnTap Lite

By: Catie Moyer, Marketing Associate | Apr 23, 2024 | 3 Minute Read

OnTap Lite with Arctic Leaf returns with our new spin on the in-demand discussion series. Arctic Leaf's in-house experts join the discussion on trending industry topics and tried and true methodology to bring new insights to your brand and offer a behind-the-scenes look at working with an e-commerce agency.

In this discussion, two of Arctic Leaf's creative dynamos do a deep dive into the one skill elevates a UX Designer from good to great: Communication. 

In an increasingly remote world with progressively adapting modes of communication, it's more important than ever to define, establish, and innovate the routes conversation between merchants, designers, and developers. Maintaining a dialogue that does not dilute the vision and goals of a project is at the forefront of success. 

As a full-service digital marketing agency, communication is a key value for both our internal teams and client collaboration. Whether kicking a brand off with our Branding Package, or migrating a site to a new platform, we've streamlined our communications and are bringing that expertise to you in this OnTap Lite!

Creative Director, Natalie Pucacco, and UX Designer, April Li, give viewers the designer's perspective on how to develop the soft skills necessary to execute a flawless project. From developing the right questions to suggesting new courses of action, April and Natalie reveal that being a designer is so much more than pixels and graphics. During the discussion, they tap into:

  • The best techniques to onboard a new client,
  • How to adapt to merchant adjustments in the moment.
  • Best practices to support seamless integration with the development team. 
  • The outlook of AI in Content Marketing

Ready to watch the full discussion? Click below! 


Here are 3 important questions poised by to our panel and the answers from our experts!

Question: What are the most overlooked aspects of onboarding a new client?

Answer: Knowledge of the products and the industry in which the client works. It's important to identify with the company and the company's ideal buyer personas to become as knowledgable and connected as possible, that way you can connect with your client not just as a business, but as a human. 

Question: What are some things clients can do to optimize their budget? 

Answer: The number one thing a client can do is foster internal alignment. Having misaligned or differing initiatives within your team that cause design changes in the middle of the UX phase can cause production backups and lost hours. Make sure you have a full scope of your needs to make the most our of your hours. 

Question: What tools can designers use to facilitate team communication and problem solving? 

Answer: It's not just the tools, but how you use them. Figma and Figjam are invaluable for designers to visualize concepts, annotate for different departments, and collaborate. Extensions like Loom are really helpful to provide a video walkthrough that conveys your ideas or problems that need solving. And, of course, a strong project management platform to document work, communicate with clients, and ensure everyone knows where the project stands at any time. 


To learn a little bit more about our speakers, keep reading!


Natalie loves working in contradictions: dramatic re-brands with a feel of authenticity, data-driven design with crave-inducing collaboration from clients and other creatives, turning mundane shopping into magical experiences while maintaining simplicity. Natalie spent the last 13 years as a creative in different guises (graphics, web, print, animation, UX, etc.), and cultivated a balanced blend of intuition and skill for the best results imaginable. E-commerce is her medium of choice as a real-time medium to iterate new ideas, test them, and grow with every project. Natalie has been with Arctic Leaf for the last 5 years and has never had a boring moment.


April Li-mainApril is a UX Designer with an empathetic and human-centric approach to her work. Prior to her role in UX, April spent a decade freelancing in design, specializing in creating posters, flags, and apparel prints. Her diverse background includes five years in the tourism sector, where she developed a keen eye for user-centric services and exceptional client communication skills. April excels at managing projects across various industries and consistently delivers creative solutions that resonate with audiences. Her passion for crafting intuitive and engaging designs has evolved her to be a mindful and versatile designer.

Now that you've acquired the super-skills to elevate design communications, we'd love for you to join us for future discussions by subscribing to your YouTube channel! And keep your eyes peeled for upcoming OnTap Lite sessions.

As always, feel free to reach out to marketing@arcticleaf.io if you have any questions about e-commerce, content marketing, or anything else we covered in any discussion. Cheers, and we hope to see you soon!