The Trade Planner, a revolutionary journal tailored through tens of thousands of hours of trader interactions to give you a bullish edge.

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Optimize your Trading Game and Master the Markets with The Trade Planner

By: Arctic Leaf Team | Mar 8, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

Kanata, Ontario - We proudly announce The Trade Planner, a revolutionary journal tailored through tens of thousands of hours of trader interactions to give you a bullish edge. The Trade Planner offers a unique journaling experience designed to help you set your goals, create short- and long-term strategies, and trade smarter with risk management assessments.

"This journal is truly unique and provides a look into the psychology of trading and how to manage risk. This is a must-have if you are just getting started or are a seasoned trader." - Josh Garellek, Co-Founder & CEO of Arctic Leaf

In a truly dynamic marketplace, traders have to take every advantage to enter and exit at the best position for their goals. It demands quick decisions, an understanding of market factors, and experience to get it right. With this in mind, The Trade Planner tested scientifically proven strategies against market conditions, developed a fool-proof journaling system, and delivered the most effective trading tool for your arsenal. The journal does more than help you track your trades, it empowers you to become a better trader.

How The Trade Planner Works:

  • Set Your Goals: trading without a goal is like throwing darts blindfolded and hoping to get a bullseye. By creating clear goals, The Trade Planner helps you take actionable steps to achieve them throughout a full life cycle of trading.
  • Trade Planning: It’s all in the name! Using proven strategies around technical trading techniques, you will create your own weekly habits and morning routines that streamline your unique trading success. You’ll also understand the psychology of risk management to help compound your gains and achieve your goals.
  • Measure Success: With a systematic record of your entries, exits, and P&L, you will learn how to identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Using a scientifically proven method of goal setting and achievement, the Trade Planner streamlines your success. 

The Trade Planner launches with the support of Arctic Leaf, a development agency and trusted partner. Arctic Leaf is an innovative leader in the e-commerce industry whose team of UX/UI and digital experts have helped build and enhance the online presence of over 500 companies.

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About The Trade Planner

The Trade Planner trading journal was conceived by an insightful day trader looking for a better way to track trades and develop habits around trading. Focusing on risk management and navigating the mental toll of trading, this journal features 13 weeks of guided trading and feedback. The journal itself is made with high-quality materials that are built to last with a sleek, professional design that tucks neatly into any briefcase or side bag so you’ll never miss out on a trading opportunity, no matter where you are. 

About Arctic Leaf

Arctic Leaf is a Baymard-certified UX/UI design and implementation agency that understands your brand voice and vision to deliver effective e-commerce experiences. With robust expertise in UX/UI design, conversion rate optimization (CRO), software development, and email marketing, our team has established Arctic Leaf as an innovative leader in the e-commerce and mobile development markets.