SmartBrokr revolutionizes real estate with a turnkey solution for realtors.

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Announcing SmartBrokr: Revolutionizing Real Estate with a Turnkey Solution for Realtors

By: Arctic Leaf Team | Nov 7, 2023 | 2 Minute Read

Kanata, Ontario - We are proud to unveil

Kanata, Ontario - We are proud to unveil SmartBrokr, a game-changing CRM tailored for Realtors, by Realtors. SmartBrokr sets out to disrupt the real estate landscape, offering an extensive array of capabilities that go beyond traditional listings, encompassing comprehensive asset management, seamless client communications, and maximizing marketing efficiency.

“Smartbrokr will bring the real estate landscape into the 21st century and change how property managers, agency owners, and brokers work together. Buyers and Sellers can now own their data and store their ever-changing information on their assets for the better. I’m excited to see this product come to market and after years of R&D and evolution, Smartbrokr is ready to take the North American market by storm. 

Harnessing the power of modern technology, robust user experience design, and AI, the sky is the limit for Smartbrokr. I encourage those in the Real Estate markets to secure their early access. This is not something to be missed.”

- Josh Garellek, Co-Founder & CEO | Arctic Leaf

In an era of fast-paced technological advancements, the real estate market has undergone significant changes in property technologies. It demands forward-thinking digital tools and platforms designed to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences. With the increased demand for virtual management, SmartBrokr steps up presenting a Realtor-first approach that meets the challenges and nuances of the industry and empowers real estate professionals with cutting-edge features. 

Key Features of Smartbrokr:

  • Comprehensive Application Capabilities: SmartBrokr is not limited to property listings alone. It encompasses a holistic approach, from data migration and calendar management to lead nurturing and transaction management. 
  • Turnkey Solutions: SmartBrokr equips real estate agents with tools, integrations, and cutting-edge technologies to optimize your efficiency, keep you ahead of the competition, and increase your sales without the need to build from the ground up. Just migrate your data and it will seamlessly synchronize and connect to existing documents and workflows. 
  • Smart Marketing, Media, and Presentation Tools: SmartBrokr introduces a disruptive marketing suite, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven insights to optimize property promotions, drive lead generation, and increase conversion rates. 

SmartBrokr will launch with the support of Arctic Leaf, a development agency and trusted partner. Arctic Leaf is an innovative leader in the e-commerce industry whose team of UX/UI and digital experts have helped build and enhance the online presence of over 500 companies. Once launched, SmartBrokr will be available to Realtors seeking a competitive edge. To sign up for early access, receive updates, and learn more about how SmartBrokr can elevate your real estate business, please visit

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About Smartbrokr:

Smartbrokr was originally created in 2016 by Charles Prosser to help his wife, Lois, keep track of her business deals and contacts for her real estate business. In creating this new CRM tool, Charles had identified a shortcoming in digital tools for the real estate space. Charles and Lois began working with Arctic Leaf to rebrand their real estate CRM service into a fully multi-functional real-estate gadget with a focus on individual brokers. 

About Arctic Leaf:

Arctic Leaf is a Baymard-certified UX/UI design and implementation agency that takes the time to understand your brand voice and vision to deliver effective e-commerce experiences. With robust expertise in UX/UI design, conversion rate optimization (CRO), software development, and email marketing, our team has established Arctic Leaf as an innovative leader in the e-commerce and mobile development markets.