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ReCharge Partnership Announcement | Arctic Leaf

By: Arctic Leaf Team | May 6, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

Arctic Leaf is excited to announce our strategic partnership with leading subscription platform, ReCharge! This partnership will enable our clients to increase customer lifetime value, reduce customer churn, and drive long-term loyalty.

Since the partnership began, our team has become well acquainted with the ReCharge platform. We have integrated their solution for some of our client’s Shopify stores, who have seen the impact it has on their bottom line. When ReCharge entered the BigCommerce market, we knew that we could lean on them as a go-to subscription solution for our clients and merchants.

The team at ReCharge believes launching subscriptions for your ecommerce store should be reliable and seamless from start to finish. As mentioned in TechCrunch, they remove the complexity from setting up subscriptions, so you can focus on building relationships with your customers. The ReCharge platform was built to help you simplify the subscription process, easily manage your customer orders, and build a reliable revenue stream.

ReCharge is a key partner in the subscriptions space for our client base because of the simplicity and strength of their platform. Customers have the ability to easily manage their subscriptions via the branded customer portal, which allows them to skip or re-schedule shipments, add one-time purchases, or swap a product. Measuring these actions is also an important key factor for our merchants.

With Arctic Leaf and ReCharge, you can dive into the enhanced analytics platform to study why customers perform certain ways and analyze how to further customize the experience.

If you are interested in working with Arctic Leaf to customize the subscriptions experience on your site with ReCharge, please contact our Solutions Consultant, Chase Bowler at or (949) 377-1301 Ext. 172.