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Mention Me Partnership Announcement | Arctic Leaf

By: Arctic Leaf Team | Jun 14, 2023 | 1 Minute Read

Arctic Leaf is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Mention Me! This partnership will enable our clients to leverage the power of customer advocacy. Using their proprietary referral engineering framework, Mention Me is disrupting the referral market fueling data-driven growth and value. 

After 10 years in the UK and International markets, Mention Me is breaking into the U.S. and our team has become well acquainted with Mention Me’s unique offering. It’s the only referral platform that combines customer behavior with advocacy scoring, drilling down into the full value of each customer’s experience and the extended value of their referral network. Mention Me prides itself on providing personalized, data-driven referral marketing proven to increase revenue.

Mention Me is a key partner in the referral marketing space for our client base because of the growth potential of their unique offering.

“As someone with a background in referral marketing, seeing how MentionMe is disrupting the referral landscape by looking at the larger network effect is a game changer. Being able to know the buying power of your customer network is massive. Customers are much more likely to buy from referrals than any other kind of marketing. Arctic Leaf is very excited to partner with this new and creative approach to referral marketing and support our clients. - Josh Garellek, CEO and Co-founder of Arctic Leaf.

With Arctic Leaf and Mention Me, you can dive into a fully personalized referral journey that will turn your customers into brand advocates and create lifetime loyalty to your brand.

If you are interested in working with Arctic Leaf to enhance your e-commerce website and referral marketing strategy with Mention Me, please contact our Solutions Consultant, Chase Bowler at or (949) 377-1301 Ext. 172.