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The Future of Data: A Simple Guide to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) | Arctic Leaf

By: Jason Hackenberry, Client Success Manager | Dec 5, 2022 | 2 Minute Read

Data, data, data. It’s the driving force behind any business decision. It’s the source of truth when it comes to your business performance, and the tool on everyone’s mind right now is Google Analytics.

By now, the news is out that Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics (GA3) in 2023. Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google's next-gen data service, has been around for some time now and early adopters are already seeing its benefits. But for others, it can be frustrating. Like moving to a new city, there's a lot to learn when navigating new technology and tracking.

GA4, is event-based as opposed to hit-and-page-view-based, enabling you to have more granular data. You’ll have improved Google Ads integration along with more focus on customer privacy which is momentous for first-party data as we head into a cookieless future.

Thankfully, we are here to help quell any fears and frustrations you may have! Keep scrolling and we’ll show you how GA4 will optimize your data and give detailed insights for more effective solutions.

Our Favorite GA4 Features:

bullet-point-1 Holistically analyze data of your website and app.

bullet-point-1 Enhanced privacy controls that will bridge cookieless tracking, helping you comply with data regulations such as CCPA and GDPR. 

bullet-point-1 Free BigQuery integration for all users. BigQuery is a fully-managed enterprise data warehouse that helps you manage and analyze your data. 

bullet-point-1 Much more detailed user-generated reports like LTV (Lifetime Value).

bullet-point-1 Enhanced measurements for scrolls, outbound clicks, file downloads, video engagement, and site search.

bullet-point-1 Predictive analytics for churn, purchase, and revenue powered by AI.

bullet-point-1 Out-of-the-box report templates to make any marketer happy!

bullet-point-1 Deeper Google Ads integration.

What You Should Know:

Due to the fact that GA4 is a different data model, there is currently no data migration from GA3. You need to download your data from GA3 and create a GA4 property ASAP to ensure you’ll have Year on Year (YoY) data to compare.

Here’s a timeline for what’s to come…

bullet-point-1 Universal Analytics (GA3) will be sunsetting in July 2023.

bullet-point-1 Google Analytics 360 will be sunsetting in July 2024.

bullet-point-1 You will have access to your data 6 months post-sunset.

bullet-point-1 After that, nada.


What You Should Do:

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “So, what exactly do I need to do?!” Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to learn all about GA4, export your metrics, and familiarize yourself with its powerful new benefits.

In the meantime, here's what we suggest…

bullet-point-2 Download your data from Universal Analytics (GA3). (Fairly simple)

bullet-point-2 Create a GA4 property as soon as possible. (Very simple)

bullet-point-2 Re-create your events and goals in GA4. (A bit more complicated)


How We Can Help:

This migration is an opportunity to audit your current events/goals, and Arctic Leaf can help with every step! We’ll carefully guide you through...

bullet-point-2The GA3 data download

bullet-point-2 Creating a new Google Analytics 4 property

bullet-point-2 Training on the new GA4 UI and features

bullet-point-2 Recreating events in GA4

Before you know it, your team will be familiar with all the new features of GA4 and improved UI without the worry of losing any data! So, are you ready to kick things off?

If yes, please reach out to our experts at Arctic Leaf, and we will get you rockin’ and rollin’ with GA4 in no time!