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Goodbye Empty Abandoned Carts, Hello Cart Rebuilder App | Arctic Leaf

By: Arctic Leaf Team | Jun 17, 2020 | 2 Minute Read

After working with BigCommerce for several years, we noticed that traditional abandoned cart emails don’t actually track a user’s cart between browsers or devices. We identified an opportunity to develop a custom app for Klaviyo on BigCommerce that dynamically rebuilds a user’s cart when they choose to revisit on any browser or device. This blog will outline the features of our Cart Rebuilder App and how it solves this pain points of empty abandoned carts.


But first, how do Abandoned Cart emails work?

Have you ever gone online shopping, added something to your cart, and then became side-tracked with something else? Abandoned Cart emails are used by many brands to remind you that you left your cart behind. Whenever you exit out of your cart without purchasing, a notification sends information to your email service provider (ESP) that triggers an Abandoned Cart email. Good email marketing practice suggests that brands save and show you exactly what you left in your cart to encourage you to follow through with your purchase.


So how does this affect Abandoned Cart emails?

You see, BigCommerce relies on cookies. These are stored in the browser that a cart is created in and BigCommerce’s default Abandoned Cart emails (regardless of where they are coming from) simply sends recipients right back to the cart page.


What's wrong with this?

Well, this assumes that the user is going to both receive and click the Abandoned Cart email on the same device or browser that they left their cart in. 

Let’s paint a picture. You’re on your break at work so you decide to browse online on your desktop computer. You see something you like, so you add it to your cart, but decide you don’t have time to make a purchase right now. When you get home, you receive an email reminder on your mobile device notifying you that you abandoned your cart. You click the “Return to my cart” button in the email, but find you’re directed to an empty cart page. You’re probably less likely to purchase from that brand right? After all, they didn’t ACTUALLY save your cart when they said they would. 

This can be infuriating for both the user and the business because it results in a sub-par user-experience for the former, and lost conversions for the latter.


Cart Rebuilder App to the rescue

We decided to custom build this cart saving app on BigCommerce for Klaviyo that tracks and saves user cart data so that your email automation can say goodbye to empty carts!


How does it work?

The Cart Rebuilder App dynamically sends user cart data to Klaviyo so that flow recipients can receive emails with links to regenerate their cart without cookies, regardless of the device or browser they are using. The app is an easy one-click installation in BigCommerce, i.e., there’s NO CODE REQUIRED. Simply install and enable the Cart Rebuilder App from the BigCommerce Marketplace and it will immediately begin pulling cart event data to track users’ abandoned carts. 

NOTE: You will also need to have a Klaviyo account and the Klaviyo app installed and integrated in your BigCommerce store to use the Cart Rebuilder App. 


Pre-built Abandoned Cart flow

To make your life extra simple, we worked directly with the Klaviyo flow team to configure a pre-built, in-platform abandoned cart flow that integrates with our app so that you can quickly optimize the emails without any hassle!

You can find the flow in the Browse Ideas section of Klaviyo. All you have to do is customize the emails to match your brand.

Best of all, this tailor-made flow will react to the most recent cart changes on your site for any user’s session. The Cart Rebuilder App tracks all cart-related events, such as Add, Edit, or Remove so you always have the latest cart contents saved. 

And that’s it! You now have the next best tool available to conduct real-time, data-driven abandoned cart email marketing. This app gives YOU the power to use the cart details as parameters to filter and personalize emails and increase click-through rates and conversions!

For detailed installation guidelines, visit the Cart Rebuilder App in our Knowledge Center.