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SEO in 2023: Where Are We Now?

By: Holly Kindzierski, Copywriter | Sep 28, 2023 | 3 Minute Read

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the digital marketing practice of optimizing websites and content to increase visibility and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords and phrases. 

In 2023, the SEO landscape is evolving faster than ever as search engines like Google focus on delivering better and more personalized search results to users. This, along with the inclusion of emerging technologies is changing the way people search for and consume information. As the future of SEO is being shaped, it’s essential that you keep up with its evolution!

Updates in Search Engine Algorithms

In 2023, SEO continues to be shaped by several key trends where search engine algorithms are concerned.

  1. One of the most important is the shift toward user intent and context. Rather than focusing solely on keywords, search engines are increasingly looking at the overall intent of a search query and the context in which it is made. This means that an effective SEO strategy must prioritize delivering relevant, high-quality content that satisfies users' needs. 

  2. Another trend is the growing influence of AI and machine learning in search. These technologies are helping search engines understand content better and deliver more personalized results. As a result, SEO professionals must take into account the use of structured data and other tactics that can help search engines better understand and categorize content.

  3. Natural language processing (NLP) is also playing a growing role in SEO, as search engines become better at understanding the nuances of human language.

  4. Finally, the rise of visual and voice search is changing the way people search for information, which means that SEO must react to new forms of content, such as images and audio.

Changes in User Behavior

User behavior online is constantly evolving, and your SEO strategy must adapt to keep up. Some of the prime SEO trends to watch for in 2023 include:

  • Mobile optimization: With more users accessing the internet on mobile devices, SEO must prioritize mobile optimization to ensure that websites and content are easy to access and navigate on smaller screens.

  • Hyperlocal targeting: As users increasingly search for products and services in their immediate vicinity, strategists must focus on local SEO tactics, such as local keywords and location-based content.

  • Featured snippets: A featured snippet provides users with quick answers to their queries, and SEO must prioritize creating content that is structured to be featured.

  • Social media impact: Social media engagement can affect a website's search engine ranking, so SEO strategies must take into account social media and incorporate it into overall optimization efforts.

The Impact of New Technology

New technologies are emerging all the time, and they are having a significant impact on SEO. Here are some of the biggest developments to watch for in 2023:


Augmented-Reality Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Virtual and augmented reality are transforming the way users interact with the internet, and they are also changing how search engines deliver results. SEO strategies must take into account the unique challenges of optimizing content for these new mediums, such as creating 3D models and optimizing for voice search in virtual environments.


Chatbots Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Chatbots and voice assistants are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, and they are changing the way users interact with search engines. SEO strategies must optimize content for voice search and conversational queries to ensure that it appears in relevant search results. Additionally, chatbots can provide personalized recommendations and help users find the information they need more efficiently.

Incorporating these new technologies into SEO strategies can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and reach new audiences in innovative ways.

The Growing Emphasis on E-A-T

There is a growing emphasis on EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) in the field of SEO. This is because search engines are placing a greater emphasis on websites that demonstrate expertise and authority in their respective fields, as well as those that are perceived as trustworthy. Establishing expertise and authority can be achieved through:

  • Consistently producing high-quality content with a good user experience

  • Having relevant backlinks from reputable sources

  • Maintaining a strong social media presence

  • Monitoring and managing reputation

Ultimately, building trust with users is crucial as search engines prioritize websites that are trusted by their users.

The Takeaway

The ever-evolving landscape of SEO is constantly shaping the way we search for and consume information online. As we move forward into 2023, it's important to keep up with the latest SEO trends and developments, from the growing influence of AI and machine learning to the rise of voice search and virtual reality. By incorporating these new technologies into their SEO strategy and prioritizing EAT, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and reach new audiences in innovative ways. So don't get left behind - embrace the future of SEO and stay ahead of the game!


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