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Part Three: Unlocking the Future of Data with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

By: Catie Moyer, Marketing Associate | Dec 7, 2023 | 3 Minute Read

It's the finale of our GA4 series with OnTap with Arctic Leaf!

With every OnTap discussion, we invite e-commerce merchants and industry leaders to have open, fun, and honest conversations. This series promises to deliver expert tips, tricks, and strategies around the most relevant industry topics from a panel of e-commerce heavyweights!

During our third discussion of 2023, attendees heard from our internal GA4-certified specialist and Head of Partnerships, Jason Hackenberry, and marketing specialist, Glenn Schmelzle as they shared their expert insights into the full scope of what's available from Google Analytics 4.

Those who joined revisited the inner workings of Google Analytics 4 as panelists dove into the minutia of reporting and metrics, laying the building blocks for future success. We discussed how the platform operates in the real world, hashing out those aspects of GA4 that will most impact your business. Our panel also covered:

bullet-point-1  Building reports that meet specific business needs. 
bullet-point-1  The benefits and downfalls of new features.
bullet-point-1  The hurdles you might face by delaying adoption.
bullet-point-1  And more...


If you want to gain important insights and hear interesting discoveries from the live attendee Q&A, watch the full discussion for yourself below! 


Though we briefly discussed these top 3 attendee questions live, there's still much more to explore with GA4! Check out these additional tips from our experts:

Question: What are the key data points in GA4 to track brand awareness?

Answer: By leveraging user engagement measurements in GA4, you'll be better equipped to understand how your customers are engaging with your content and brand. It is also recommended to take this data along with what you see in Google Search Console to hone in on what's working. For exact metrics, take a look at this documentation from Google.


Question: How exactly do I export my data from UA?

Answer: It’s a good idea to export your Google Universal Analytics data as most accounts will lose access after June 30th, 2024. You have free and paid options for obtaining this data. If you have enough data to justify a paid tool, you can use https://uadataextract.com or https://supermetrics.com.

To download your data for free, you should go to https://analytics.google.com and open your Universal account, then navigate down the left-hand menu to Audience and drill-down to a report like Active Users. In the top-right of the report, once you set the date range to export, you can click the Export button and select the file format: CSV, Excel or Google Sheet. Do this for any other Audience reports containing data that’s important to your organization.

Then repeat this process within the Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions menus. After you are done, it’s wise to store the files somewhere your team can centrally access and ideally keep backed up.


Question: How can we use GA4 to give correct conversion data as it differs from report to report and with AdWords?

Answer: Since GA4 is a new platform, we recommend taking this as an opportunity to conduct an audit of your GTM container and ensure your gtag is installed correctly. There might be a small margin of error when compared to your source-of-truth, but it should not be alarmingly wide. 

Looking for GA4 implementation and strategy directly from our experts? Contact us here for a quote!

To learn a little bit more about our speakers, keep reading!

Jason Hackenberry Headshot - Background

With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, visual merchandising, and operations, Jason Hackenberry is responsible for the strategic commitment to deliver qualitative and quantitative success to online merchants. With 700+ Arctic Leaf site launches and growing, Jason plays an integral role in analyzing growth data and certifying results.





Glenn Schmelzle spent two decades in B2B organizations watching them waste marketing dollars. He got in early on using the Internet for marketing and helped bring in more leads, but it still troubled Glenn to see other businesses struggle to fill their funnels. In 2013, he started the Marketing What’s New agency to help demand generation teams have a net-positive profit contribution. He is now lending his expertise to marketing students at the University of Ottawa as a part-time Professor.



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