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Using the Marketing Funnel for Retention and Conversion | Arctic Leaf

By: Arctic Leaf Team | Mar 26, 2021 | 2 Minute Read

The ultimate goal of every marketer is to garner long-term conversions, and that all starts with understanding and developing loyal relationships with customers. To achieve unwavering loyalty, marketers must first guide customers through a series of brand interactions; these interactions are often categorized through a fundamental four-step framework for developing a strong marketing strategy called the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is a visual representation of where your customers, or potential customers, land in respect to your brand.


Customers must first become aware that your brand exists. Then, they must consider purchasing. And herein, we have the two most challenging steps in the funnel: conversion and retention, or bottom-of-the-funnel interactions.

Conversions are imperative to the success and growth of a business, and it’s positive brand interactions that lead users to purchase. It’s key also, understanding your audience perfectly in order to deliver the right messages at the right time through a robust suite of marketing mediums.

Our process
Robust marketing services.

At Arctic Leaf, we focus on bottom-of-the-funnel marketing. Our comprehensive approach aims to create mutually beneficial customer relationships, garner loyalty, and produce long-term conversions. Our team is comprised of experienced marketers and UI/UX experts who combine:

  • Creativity and industry best practices to design intuitive branding guidelines
  • Robust email campaigns and automation
  • Loyalty and affiliate programs
  • UGC initiatives to build strong brands with conversion rate optimization (CRO) at the forefront.

Here’s how we accomplish it...


  • Market Research & UX/UI Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Loyalty & Affiliate Programs
  • Reviews & UGC

Market Research & UI/UX Design
Data-focused design.

A successful marketing and design strategy starts with data.


At Arctic Leaf, we understand that the answer is in the data. We conduct extensive market research on your brand, customers, and user experience to determine a holistic design strategy that most effectively communicates with your audience.

Email Marketing
The pinnacle of owned-marketing.

A powerful medium for reaching your customers and building long-term relationships.


99% of consumers interact with their email daily (source), and 68% of millennials say that relevant marketing emails have influenced their purchasing decisions (source). At Arctic Leaf, we’re dedicated to developing strategic email marketing campaigns and automation that not only communicates, but connects with your customers.

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Loyalty & Affiliate Programs
Strengthening customer relationships.


Strong customer loyalty fuels unparalleled long-term revenue.
At Arctic Leaf, we understand the exponential value a loyal customer brings to a business’s success. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders to focus on customer retention and take your business to the next level.

Reviews & UGC
Giving customers a voice.

Empower customers to connect with you to better understand how to connect with them.


Allowing your customers to interact with your brand is imperative for making mutually beneficial connections. We’ve partnered with an industry powerhouse to deliver unparalleled insight into garnering positive reviews and UGC.

Now is the time to amplify your marketing efforts and the Arctic Leaf team is fully equipped to give you the tools to grow and optimize conversions and retention. Contact our team at success@arcticleaf.io or (949) 377-1301 Ext. 172 today if you’d like to optimize the marketing funnel for retention and conversion. Let's get started!