On the surface, ChromaLabel is one of the largest custom and ready-made label manufacturers. At its core, however, they are innovators of organization and efficiency tools. They are passionate about all kinds of sticky labels, and wanted to develop their emailing list in a way that would provide their subscribers the right information, at the right time.

They wanted to use email marketing to not only increase the percentage of their owned online revenue, but also find innovative ways to serve their subscriber list. Our team provided the right know-how and steps to do just that.

  • Revenue Focused Campaign Strategy
  • Performance Analysis & Reporting
  • Email Marketing Consultation
Owned Business Revenue
Returning Revenue
Klaviyo Revenue
Revenue Attributed to Flows
Revenue Attributed to Campaigns

*Green up arrows represent a 3 month comparison from 2020 to 2021.

At a Glance

What They Needed

Since ChromaLabel fully understands their unique audience and products, they wanted to take full control of their owned revenue by designing and implementing their own campaigns. They needed a consultant that could transform their email marketing ambitions into an actionable plan by providing solid KPIs and updating their automated flows with suggestions tailored to the messaging for their specific subscribers.

Understanding the Brand

How Arctic Leaf Helped

We helped ChromaLabel target their audience through segmentation, content calendar planning, updating their flows, and reporting on new automated flow opportunities. Our team not only helped them in creating an effective email marketing strategy, but also guided them to take full advantage of the Klaviyo Email Service Provider (ESP) tools.

Each month, time is spent analyzing their performance report, reviewing their flows and discussing the content calendar for the upcoming month.

The monthly review of their report highlights the steps and strategies that worked, what didn’t work with their audience, and brings to light the KPIs that can be improved upon. Metrics like open rate, click-through rate (CTR), and revenue were used to determine the performance of each flow and what steps need to be taken to drive more value for them.

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Analyzing All Aspects of Each Campaign

Detailed Reporting

The monthly report helps ChromaLabel map out the areas that were performing well, areas that could be worked upon, and strategies that could be leveraged further. The performance of every campaign that was sent the previous month is discussed, and all aspects of each campaign are analyzed - the subject line, send time, segment, and the design of the campaign.

This detailed analysis assists ChromaLabel in figuring out their most effective content, send times, and segmentation strategies that can be replicated and updated month after month.

By utilizing the industry benchmarks, ChromaLabel is able to gauge their email performance with their peers. This helps them set realistic targets for their campaigns and flow performance.

Returning Revenue
Percentage Returning Revenue
Industry Standard Performance

Automated Flow Review

ChromaLabel’s high conversion flows are reviewed consistently to make sure that they are performing up to industry standards. The performance of the automated flows are assessed in each monthly meeting.

This gives ChromaLabel an opportunity to make small changes that would then lead to increased performance in their flows. The addition of new flow opportunities are also discussed. This helps ChromaLabel create a new welcome series to nurture a new segment. Automated flows help them reach the right subscriber at the right time.

Under Arctic Leaf consultancy, ChromaLabel created the Browse Abandoned Flow and the Sunset Flow. Both of these flows nurture ChromaLabel’s subscribers, depending on where they are in their buyer’s journey, and provide relevant updates and nudges back to the site.

Revenue From Flows
Flow Click Rate
Flow Open Rate
Flow Conversion Rate
The Best Timing and the Best Strategy

Content Calendar Review Meeting

This provides our team an opportunity to consult on ChromaLabel’s upcoming campaigns by helping them decide which segments to target and what message they choose to use in each. We help them decide on a strategy to find the best send times, subject lines, and content to better target their audience and garner higher KPIs.

By utilizing a strategic content calendar, this has helped ChromaLabel leverage their blogs and repurpose content to provide more value to their customers. These small changes and additions in their campaigns have helped improve their open rates and revenue per recipient.

Revenue From Campaigns
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