Utilizing the most up-to-date features of Shopify Plus, we created an engaging and modern site design and e-mail marketing strategy for a company obsessed with quality and style. The Birdwell brand has been offering custom options to their clientele for years, so it was important for us to ensure a tailored online experience for each and every customer.

  • Custom Design
  • UX Research & Prototyping
  • Custom App Development
  • Custom Shopify Theme Development
  • Aws Infrastructure Management
12 Month Revenue
24 Month Revenue
24 Month AOV
24 Month Transactions
Bounce Rate
patch additions two mobile devices

Patch Additions

  • Created unique UX visual pop-up builder that allows customers to preview custom items added to garments.
  • Increased AOV by allowing customers to add custom patches and buttons to garments.


View Customizer
Screenshot of Birdwell Beach Britches Cart
Cart UI Modifications

Combined Multi-Line

  • Made use of Shopify's front end to create custom line items for store.
  • Enables multi-SKU line items to be combined into one item in cart.
device mockup displaying Birdwell Beach Britches Boardshort Builder
Full Custom Products

Advanced Custom Boardshort Builder

  • We've taken customs one step further - allowing customers to customize every aspect of the garment itself.
  • Customizations hook into fulfillment application for a seamless process.
Custom Configurator
Illustration of Shopify Plus Fulfillment App
Fulfillment App

Built Fulfillment App with Shopify API and Webhooks

  • Leveraged Shopify’s webhooks and API's to develop MEAN stack custom web application.
  • Made use of Ship Station’s APIs for fulfillment aspects.
  • Auto-produced custom production sheets for seamstresses.
Three mobile devices in a row displaying Birdwell Beach Britches Mobile Website
UX Improvements

Optimized Mobile Navigation

  • Developed in-depth user behavior study and implemented a streamlined mobile design to fit consumer needs.
  • Used Hotjar mapping to create intuitive mobile navigation design.
  • Full functionality, including custom product building, on mobile devices.
Screenshot of Birdwell Beach Britches Webpage
Client Team


  • A culmination of our experiences in partnership with Birdwell's creative team.
  • Designed with adaptability and deliverability in mind.
  • Optimized for a seamless viewing experience.


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