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The Foundations of B2B E-Commerce | Arctic Leaf

By: Catie Moyer, Marketing Associate | Apr 3, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

In the world of B2B commerce, the trend towards online sales is growing. Learn the foundational elements that will set your brand up for digital success - this session of OnTap with Arctic Leaf!

B2B e-commerce has skyrocketed in the last few years, and even though it was already headed in that direction, unprecedented events have sped up adoption for B2B brands. The need to go omnichannel is high, and the challenges can appear even higher. With the right foundation, you can start a simple and scalable e-commerce channel for your clients and prospects. 

In our informative one-on-one with the General Manager of B2B at BigCommerce, Lance Owide, attendees learned the key components to strategize e-commerce for B2B. Moderated by our host, co-Founder and CEO of Arctic Leaf, Josh Garellek. With insightful anecdotes and actionable solutions, this discussion is a must-watch for any B2B brand moving online. 

B2B e-commerce not only diversifies your business, trends show having a digital strategy increases ROI in an increasingly digital world. Throughout the conversation, our panel uncovered: 

  • The benefits of payments and fulfillment through online channels. 
  • The opportunities to streamline sales and support your sales team. 
  • How micro-improvements support omnichannel growth. 
  • And more...

Gain important insights and hear interesting discoveries from the live attendee Q&A in the full discussion below: 


Here are the top questions asked by attendees and the answers from the experts at BigCommerce:

Question: What are the B2B e-commerce market projections for the rest of 2024? 

Answer: There's going to be some very interesting moves in AI. BigCommerce is building AI quoting and AI product recommendations. We already have AI product descriptions being written. AI can assist in so many places in the buying journey and assist sales' teams. By the end of the year, we're planning on seeing more AI features being released with more functionality. They'll make the the the job of the seller a much easier and more personalized the experience for the buyer. So that's kind of the trend that I'm I'm looking at and watching. I kind of mentioned the other one, which is consolidation. We're seeing lots of consolidation in the space. And I think that's gonna continue.

Question:What’s the roadmap for sales support?

Answer: It is so important. How are you going to ensure that adopting an e-commerce platform fits into your sales team's buyer workflow? Your sales team understands your customers better than anyone else. They know how your buyers operate. Make sure they know that this project is beneficial for them. They get to focus on upselling, cross-selling, finding new buyers. There's going to be benefits to their commissions when they can earn on workflows. They don't have to pick up the phone and answer "where's my order?" or "can I pay that invoice?" That will be automated. But first you have to get your stakeholders aligned, and your sales team is a key stakeholder. 


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